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Art - Fine Art or Photography - Box Hill Senior Secondary School

Art Units 1 - 4


In units 1 & 2 students are introduced to the concept of 4 Analytical Frameworks to enhance their understanding and interpretation of artworks from different cultures and societies.  The main purpose in applying the 4 Analytical Frameworks is to assist with the deciphering of meanings and messages in their own artwork as well. Final pieces of artwork will be produced and they will be submitted for assessment with the accompanying developmental work.


In units 3 & 4 students build on knowledge gained in Units 1 and 2.  Their primary focus is to interpret meanings and messages of artwork using all four Analytical Frameworks.  Artworks produced prior to 1970 and after 1970 are compared and both theory and practical work are allied to the Analytical Frameworks.  The Unit 3 SAC takes the form of an essay or assignment.  In Unit 4 the main theoretical work focuses on discussing and debating art.


Units 3 & 4 are perceived as sequential units trialing a variety of art media and developmental work culminating in two or more final pieces of artwork of the students own choice of subject matter and art medium.  The culmination of Unit 4 practical work is the creation of a minimum of one or more major pieces of artwork that reflects the student’s own personal creativity in choice of subject matter and art media. 


Units 1 & 2 cover an introduction to oil painting, dry pastel, coloured pencil etc.  Assignment work varies from year to year and is teacher directed.


Major Theory and Practical Topics covered in Units 3 and 4 are teacher directed.  Practical folio artwork is student directed and reflects the student’s own areas of interest and competencies.


Pre-requisite subjects:  It is recommended, although not essential, that students undertaking Units 3 and 4 Art, complete Units 1 and 2 Art.


Students may take only one Art subject. i.e. Fine Art or Photography.

Students are also required to purchase an Art Kit.  This kit is used in Units 1, 2, 3 and 4.


For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website.



Art allows for the acquisition of a broad range of knowledge in practical and theoretical areas with Digital Photography as the medium. Students build a broad ranging set of folio pieces by applying photographic techniques, formal art elements and various materials and techniques. The focus of practical work is the development of technical skills, artistic awareness, conceptual and problem solving skills. The theoretical work is based on applying analytical frameworks to the interpretation and analysis of world art so that the knowledge gained can be applied to a student’s folio work.


Students can output their digital photographs to an industry standard A4 & A3 size high quality ‘Canon’ colour laser printer, gain access to SLR digital cameras and develop skills using a photography lighting studio.


Major topics covered in Units 1 & 2 include folio work and developing skills in interpreting meanings and messages and applying frameworks when analysing artwork.


Major topics covered in Units 3 & 4 include learning about art through making a folio of practical work that involves evaluating it’s content. The theory involves interpretation and applying the analytical frameworks when assessing work produced by recognised art photographers and discussing and debating the work of various artists.


Recommended subject match is Studio Arts – Photography. Students taking Art Photography cannot enrol in Art – Fine Art.

Recommended: Art unit 1-2 or Studio Arts Unit 1-2. before enrolling in Art photography units 3-4.


Some additional costs may apply for excursions. Eg. Excursions to the National Gallery Victoria International and The Ian Potter Gallery, Federation Square

An additional charge beyond the general materials fee.

For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website.