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Business Management - Box Hill Senior Secondary School


In Business Management, students will examine features of many organisations ranging from shoe shops to breweries. Whilst a background in business knowledge is useful any student should be capable of understanding the core concepts.  This is because everyone is in some way affected by companies or other organisations.

In Unit 1, students will investigate how business ideas are created and how conditions can be fostered for new ideas to emerge. All students will have the freedom to apply their theoretical knowledge to a business in which they are interested. 

In Unit 2, students will look at the 'establishment' phase of a business, this involves being aware of complying with legal requirements and having accurate financial records. Students will investigate the essential features of effective marketing by looking at the marketing of a particular product and creating an advertisement for this product.

In Unit 3, the focus is on managing a business. Students will examine different types of businesses and their respective objectives. They will look at considerations such as corporate culture and management styles.

In Unit 4, students will consider the importance of reviewing the business' performance and its ability to be able to respond to change. Students will look at a range of theories and case studies, so they are able to consider and evaluate the most effective approaches for a business.

Business Management is a perfect choice of subject for any student who fancies themselves as an entrepreneur or if they want to manage other people in the future.


Major topics covered include

In Unit 1– Planning a business: The business idea, External Environment and Internal Environment.

In Unit 2 – Establishing a business: Legal requirements and financial considerations, Marketing a business and staffing a business.


Major topics covered in Units 3 & 4 include

 In Unit 3 – Managing a business: Business Foundations, Managing employees and Operations management

In Unit 4 – Transforming a business: The need for change and Implementing change

Pre- requisite subjects  

  • Units 1 & 2 – Nil
  • Units 3 & 4.- Nil

Fees applicable– no additional charge beyond the general materials fee apart from excursions.

For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website