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Drama - Box Hill Senior Secondary School



The study of Drama focuses on the student creating, developing and presenting Ensemble and Solo Performances to a live audience. Students explore and study the techniques of contemporary Drama Practitioners and Performance Styles from a range of social, historical and cultural contexts, and apply this knowledge to their Ensemble and Solo work. There is a strong focus on the acting process from rehearsal to performance, the collaborative nature of Performance and the craft of the actor. Students develop an understanding of the language of Drama and an appreciation of Drama as an art form through observation, participation and aesthetic understanding. Students observe and evaluate a range of performances by professional Theatre companies as well as the students’ peers.

Students are also expected to develop Stagecraft skills such as costume, stage design, lighting, directing, scriptwriting, sound, mask, puppetry and multimedia appropriate to a particular Performance Style.


In Unit 1 the focus is on Dramatic storytelling.  Students are introduced to Performance styles and forms from a range of contexts associated with Naturalism and Non Naturalism. They investigate a range of stimulus material and learn about stagecraft, dramatic elements, theatrical conventions and performance styles from a range of social and cultural contexts. They are also introduced to the Drama Practitioners and their techniques; the language of Drama; the processes used to create, develop and present characters and narratives, and the relationship of the actor to the audience.


Students are expected to document and use dramatic processes to create, construct and perform Solo or ensemble work exploring personal, cultural and community experiences. This unit also involves analysis of the student’s own performance work as well as the Performance of a Professional production.

Topics covered in this unit include: Ancient Mythology, Fairy Tales, Family Stories, Refugees and  the Displaced


In Unit 2 the focus is on creating Australian Drama. Knowledge and skills learnt in Unit 1 are consolidated.

Students use Performance Styles from a range of historical and cultural contexts, especially styles associated with Non Naturalism. Students create, present and analyse a performance based on a person, event or issue from an contemporary or Australian context. Students are expected to consistently record and evaluate the processes used in shaping and constructing their devised /scripted Solo/Ensemble work.

Topics covered in this Unit include: Aboriginal Myths,  Multiculturism, Urban myths and legends


Unit 3. Focuses on the creation, development and performance of a Non Naturalistic Ensemble Piece.

Students undertake a study of a wide range of performance styles and associated theatrical conventions and stagecraft are explored in the creation, development and presentation of an Ensemble performance. The practices and techniques of Drama Practitioners are studied and applied to the Non Naturalistic Work. The collaborative process is central to this performance. Each stage of the development ensemble process is documented. Students analyse and evaluate their own performance work as well as the work of a Professional Theatre company as stipulated by the VCAA Playlist selection

Topics vary from year to year and may cover such issues as Global Warming , Body Image.


Unit 4. Focuses on Solo Performances.


This Unit involves the student creating and performing two Solo Pieces. There is a focus on the processes used to undertake this task. For the Short Solo the students develop practical skills of researching, creating, presenting, documenting and analysing Solo work. The second Solo Piece requires the students to devise, rehearse and perform and analyse a longer solo in response to guidelines published by the VCAA. This piece is approx-5-7 minutes and is performed and assessed externally.  

While there are no prerequisites for entry into Drama it is preferable for students to have completed units 1 & 2 before attempting units 3 & 4.



In order to satisfactorily complete Outcome 3 the students are expected to attend at least 2 Professional Theatre productions which are compulsory. In addition to the normal materials charge a fee will be used to cover the cost of attending these 2 performances. 

For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website