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History - Box Hill Senior Secondary School







 This century really had it all, from the development of the car to colour TV and, of course, the mobile phone. Take a trip back in time and learn how the First World War began and how in some ways its aftermath actually helped cause one of the largest conflicts of all time, the Second World War. Learn why the Treaty of Versailles did not end all wars. Would the world be a different place had the outcome of World War II been different? Just how close did the world come to a nuclear war when the United States of America and the Soviet Union traded blows of a different kind? How did the lives of thousands of women change in the twentieth century? How did modern medicine improve the lives of millions worldwide? The answers to these questions and more lie in Units 1 and 2 of Twentieth Century History.



All revolutions share the common aim of breaking with the past by destroying the existing regimes and societies, and embarking on a program of political and social transformation. Students study two of the most influential revolutions in history, the French Revolution in Unit 3 and the Russian Revolution in Unit 4.


Students evaluate the roles of ideas, leaders, movements and events in the development of each revolution, and analyse the challenges faced in attempting to create a new society.


Major topics covered in Units 1 & 2 include: The First World War, Peace Treaties, The Great Depression, Nazi Germany, The Second World War, Cold War Conflicts (e.g., Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War), Civil Rights Movements and terrorism.


Major topics covered in Units 3 & 4 are: The French Revolution and The Russian Revolution.


Pre-requisite subjects:  None, although units 1 & 2 are highly recommended for students intending to do units 3 & 4.


Fees Applicable: There are no additional fees beyond the general materials.


For further information  click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website