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Music Performance - Box Hill Senior Secondary School

VCE Music Perfomance Units 1 - 4

Unit 1 to 4 Music Performance develops skills and knowledge in music performance, theory and aural skills. Students are required to take regular individual lessons on their instrument or voice either at school or with an external teacher. Students prepare solo and group performances, which are held at the College and at other venues. In Units 3 & 4 students can choose to complete the final assessment as a soloist or as a group performer. In class students engage in aural and theory work, group rehearsals, major written assignments and other practical music making activities. Regular homework in music theory and aural comprehension is set. Group performance at the College usually includes a range of contemporary styles such as Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz. The Music Department undertakes a major recording project each year.

Major topics covered in Music Performance include:

Solo performance

Group performance

Technical performance

Theory and aural skills relating to rhythm, melody and chords

Optimising performance (Major written assignment, Unit 1)

Analysis of music (Major written assignment, Unit 2)

Improvisation and other forms of unprepared performance.

A study of Australian music and performance (Unit 3-4)


In Units 3 & 4 students can choose Music Performance 3-4 or Music Investigation 3-4 or both.

This subject may be taken in conjunction with Music Industry Skills but this is not a requirement.

Entry to this subject is by audition. As a guide, students undertaking Music Performance Units 1-2 would have completed at least three years of lessons on their instrument (including voice). Completion of Unit 1-2 Music Performance is not a prerequisite for Unit 3-4, but students would need to have equivalent performance and theory skills.

There is an instrumental music levy for students who undertake individual instrumental/voice lessons at school. In 2012 this was $385.00 P.A.

No additional charge beyond the general materials fee.

For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website.