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Psychology - Box Hill Senior Secondary School

Psychology 1 - 4

Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts feelings and behaviour in both humans and animals. Students develop an understanding of Psychology from a social, cognitive and biological perspective and understand themselves and their relationships with others in society.


Psychology is offered in universities and can be practiced in a range of different fields including forensic psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, sports psychology as well as a range of counselling fields.


At the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of various fields of psychology and theories that support its practice. This course provides a good foundation for any university or TAFE course related to psychology including social work, counselling, human resources and registration as a psychologist.  


Major Topics Covered


Units 1 & 2 Include:  

Introduction to Psychology, Visual Perception, Human Development, Social Influences, Intelligence, and Personality


Units 3 & 4 Include: 

States of Consciousness, Sleep, the Brain and the Nervous System, Memory, Forgetting, Learning, Mental Health and Empirical Research Methods


Pre-requisite Subjects


Units 1 & 2: Nil 

Units 3 & 4: Nil (units 1 and 2 are highly recommended)  


For further information, click on the Study Summary link that will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) website.