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Visual Communication Design - Box Hill Senior Secondary School

Visual Communication Design 1 - 4

Visual Communication and Design allows students to develop their drawing and design skills with a view to communicating visual information to an audience with a specific purpose. In most instances this is governed by a design brief and follows a design process. Students also explore visual communication using drawing conventions such as orthogonal, perspective and paraline drawing systems. These graphic values are further applied in the development of their own work. ICT is an integral part of this study and students develop skills within a range of design programs.


Major topics covered in Units 1 & 2 include

• Freehand drawing and rendering using materials such as grey lead, coloured pencils, gauche paint, markers etc.

• Perspective drawing. Topics include houses, cityscapes and drawing objects directly from observation.

• The application of the design elements and principles in designing clothing swing tags.

• Creating images that represent and communicate form in the design of a beach house.

• The use of freehand drawings to develop rendered three-dimensional images in the design of a children’s book.

• The application of a design process to develop cover art for a CD.


Major topics covered in Units 3 & 4

The primary focus of these two Units is the development of design folios that meet the specific needs of a client. Students apply the design process to produce developmental work and final presentation/s based on a design brief. Students continue to explore the theoretical aspects of visual communication and apply skills across a range of materials methods and media. The three areas for investigation in these Units include Information design, Product design and Environmental design.


Fees and charges

Students are required to purchase a selection of drawing materials at an approximate cost of $300.

No additional charge beyond the general materials fee.


Pre - requisites

Students are advised to complete units 1&2 before attempting units 3&4.