Important Dates



29th Jun, 2017

Healesville Sanctuary excursion – International Students

30th Jun, 2017

Last day Term 2

4th  Jul, 2017

Waverley International Schools Netball C’ships – Snr and Int Netball

17th Jul, 2017

Commence Term 3

24th Jul, 2017

EMR AFL Snr Girls SF

25th Jul, 2017

EMR AFL Int Boys SF and  Bball VCC Snr Finals

27th Jul, 2017

Bball VCC Int Finals

31st Jul, 2017

VSSEC U3/4 Chemistry exc          

31st Jul, 2017

EMR Netball Snr & Int Boys

1st Aug, 2017

EMR AFL Snr Girls & Int Boys Final

3rd Aug, 2017

EMR Basketball Snr Girls & Snr Boys  and  Bball Champions Cup - Int Girls

7th Aug, 2017

Bball Champions Cup - Int boys

9th Aug, 2017 Student Parent Conferences (SPC)
15th Aug, 2017 Parent VTAC Information Evening - Hall 6pm
28th Aug, 2017 BoxFest Music Showcase (TBC)

12th Sep, 2017

VSSEC U1/2 Chemistry

19th Sep, 2017

U4 Biology exc

19th Sep, 2017

Bball SSV Snr Boys and Girls State finals

20th Sep, 2017 Solo Recital evening

22nd Sep, 2017

End Term 3

9th Oct, 2017

Commence Term 4