Important Dates



14th Aug, 2018

Excursion - Girls and Boys AFL Leadership Program

15th Aug, 2018

Parent VTAC Info evening - Library 6pm

16th Aug, 2018

Unit 4 Further Maths SAC

17th Aug, 2018

AFL Girls State Final

17th Aug, 2018

Unit 4 Methods SAC

20th Aug, 2018

Snr Boys BBall Championship Cup

23rd Aug, 2018

Int Boys and Girls BBall Champions Cup

28th Aug, 2018

Track & Field

30th Aug, 2018

Snr Boys and Girls BBall Champions Cup (TBC)

31st Aug, 2018

Blackburn District Primary School Sports Assoc Girls Footy Day – All Girls AFL students

2nd Sept, 2018

Unit 4 Theatre Studies excursion

10th Sept, 2018

Snr Girls Netball comp

11th Sept, 2018

Y8 Table tennis comp

12th Sept, 2018

Unit 4 Biology excursion – LaTrobe Uni

13th Aug, 2018

Snr & Int Netball – Vic Schools Championship

13th Sept, 2018

Unit 2 Chemistry excursion - VSSEC

13th Sept, 2018

Unit 4 Food Studies excursion

13th Sept, 2018

Unit 2 Theatre Studies excursion

18th Sept, 2018

Snr Boys and Girls BBall SSV State Final (TBC)

20th Sept, 2018

Y7 Table Tennis comp

21st Sep, 2018

End of Term 3

8th Oct, 2018

Commence Term 4

13th Oct, 2018

BoxFest – Music Students venue performance

23rd Oct, 2018

Y12 Final Day and Celebration Dinner

31st Oct, 2018

VCAA English exam

5th Nov, 2018

Unit 2 Exams commence

6th Nov, 2018

Public Holiday – Melbourne Cup Day

12th Nov, 2018

Y10 Exams commence

12th Nov, 2018

‘Flying Start’ begins

13th Dec, 2018

Awards Night