USA College Scholarships

The USA College Basketball system is an option available to elite-level players once they have completed high school. It is an alternative to attending an Australian University and involves players combining their love of basketball with a college degree.


One of the main advantages of the USA College option is that players who receive a scholarship will not have a HECS-HELP fee at the end of completing their degree.


There are literally hundreds of USA colleges that offer basketball as a sport. However, there are four main types of colleges that BHSSC students have attended:


NCAA Division One and NCAA Division Two Colleges

These colleges are four-year schools that offer scholarships only to high-level elite players. There are also strict academic requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for these colleges.


It is recommended that players wanting to obtain a scholarship consult with school administration to assist with the academic requirements.

NAIA Colleges

These colleges are generally smaller, independent, four-year schools, many of who offer full or partial scholarships. Academic requirements are not as strict as NCAA colleges, so students only need to complete their VCE certificate (but may also need to complete the SAT; a test used to help determine academic ability).


NJCAA Junior Colleges

Junior colleges are two-years schools that also offer basketball scholarships. Many players who are not academically strong or who are elite players but not at the level of NCAA division one or two, will tend to opt for junior colleges. After completing two years of junior college, players can try to transfer to a four-year school to complete the final two years of their degree. Again, the academic requirements are not as strict as four-year schools, so students only need to complete their VCE certificate.

Since 1997, there have been over 45 BHSSC basketball program athletes awarded with USA College Basketball Scholarships:

Ashley Arnott

University of Texas-Pernian Basin, Texas

Sonoma State University, California

Ryan Barnes

Texas Wesleyan, Texas

Renee Buck

Community College of Rhode Island, New England

Jazmine Borella

Northeast Mississippi Community College, Mississippi

Christian Brothers University, Tennessee

Chris Cameron

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana

Jon Cooke

Western State College of Colorado, Colorado

Samantha Creed

Newberry College, South Carolina

Deng Deng

Lee College, Texas

Steve Dentokos

Southeast Community College, Nebraska

Scott Dixon

Allan Hancock Junior College, California

Taylor Dyson

University of Hartford, Connecticut

Erin Jarvis

New Mexico Junior College, New Mexico

Samual Johnson

Sinclair College Dayton, Ohio

Western State College of Colorado, Colorado

Billy Johns-Teni

Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa

Jerry Juric

Clarendon College, Texas

Maraea Kelemete

Seminole State College, Oklahoma

Luke Kendall

Metro State College of Denver, Colorado

Dejan Kostur

Tritan College, Chicago

Idaho State University, Idaho

Hayley Lloyd

Southeast Community College, Nebraska

Ric Marczenko

Lincoln Land Junior College, Illinois

Belmont Abbey, North Carolina

Carla Mathisen

Grayson County Community College, Texas

Baylor University, Texas

Lloyd Marshall

Holy Name University, California

Jessica May

Murray State College, Oklahoma

Cameron McCallum

Nicholls State, Louisiana

Mark McFadden

Southeast Community College, Nebraska

Erfan Momeni

Central Community College, Nebraska

Andrew Morris

New Mexico Junior College, New Mexico

Joel Naburgs

Stetson University, Florida

David Naylor

Nova Southeastern University, Florida

Elaine Osenaris

Western Nebraska Community College, Nebraska

Kellie Page

Southeast Community College, Nebraska

Glenn Potts

Allan Hancock Junior College, California

Simone Ruedin

New Mexico State University, New Mexico

Emily Schill

San Jose State University, California

Olivia Simmons

Arizona State University, Arizona

San Jacinto College, Texas

Luke Spencer-Gardner

Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma

Tanja Steed

Carl Albert State, Oklahoma

Adrien Sturt

Snow College, Utah

Simon Szabllicki

John A. Logan Community College, Illinois

Goshen College, Indiana

Zach Taulien

University of West Georgia, Georgia

Jordan Vandenberg

North Carolina State, North Carolina

Benjamin Veith

Dakota College at Bottineau, North Dakota

Maree Vincent

University of California, California

Concordia College, California

Brittany White

New Mexico Junior College, New Mexico

Joshua Wilcher

Western State College of Colorado, Colorado